How to remove Excel passwords with VBA (all 5 types)

There is nothing more frustrating than finding out a previous employee has used passwords to protect an Excel file, and it turns out nobody else knows the password. Or maybe it’s worse when it’s your file, your password and you’ve forgotten it. Either way… you’re stuffed! However, before you give in, let me share some ideas on how Read More

How to fix “Microsoft has blocked macros” (2 simple ways)

You are probably here because you’ve seen a warning message: Microsoft has blocked macros from running because the source of this file is untrusted. This post provides the background to this message and the steps you should take to enable the file. During 2022, Microsoft introduced new security into the Windows version of Microsoft Excel Read More

Resetting the scroll bar in Excel (5 solutions)

Have you ever experienced the issue where Excel’s scroll bars become tiny?  A small movement in the mouse can change the view by hundreds of rows or columns.  This makes the worksheet exceptionally difficult to navigate around. The problem might reveal itself with an error message when trying to insert new rows or columns. In Read More

Hide named ranges in Excel: 4 simple ways

Named ranges are a useful feature of Excel. We often use them to build more complex tools that we may share with other users. Therefore, those named ranges become a critical part of our spreadsheet. Unfortunately, if those users modify or delete the named ranges, it may break the calculations. So, in this post, I Read More

7 ways to remove additional spaces in Excel

The space character for an Excel user can be a real problem. When exporting data from various IT systems, that export will often include extra spaces around values. Finding and removing additional spaces is a crucial skill for every Excel user. We often can’t see the space characters, but Excel sees them. This can cause Read More