How to easily swap ranges in Excel (1 click)

Copying, pasting, and moving cells are simple everyday tasks for Excel users. But what if something already occupies the area we want to paste to? We must perform the move-move-move shuffle by moving something into a temporary location before placing everything into its final destination. Wouldn’t it be better if there were a simple way to swap ranges … Read more

Cell ranges: 99% of users don’t know this

Cell Ranges

I have never been taught how to use cell ranges in Excel; I doubt you have either. They are just too basic for anybody to teach, right? Select some cells, and there is a : (colon) symbol placed between the start and end cells. Maybe we could throw in a few $ (dollar signs) to fix the position … Read more

How to create Multiple PDFs from Excel (Office Scripts + Power Automate)

Creating multiple PDFs based on a list is a common use case in Excel. I’m asked about it regularly. A few weeks ago, I received this question about our Office Scripts course: Before I start the course on Office Scripts, I was wondering if it is possible to loop through a spreadsheet and with each … Read more