Automated Goal Seek

I recently attended an online meetup where Danielle Stein Fairhurst shared a technique involving Excel’s Goal Seek feature operated by a macro.  This got my mind buzzing with ideas, so I wanted to share it with you, along with a few of my own developments.  I’ve not used the technique extensively to date, but it Read More

Dynamic arrays and VBA user defined functions (UDFs)

Office 365 subscribers now have Excel’s new calculation engine available to them, meaning lots of users suddenly have access to dynamic arrays.  This got me thinking about whether VBA user-defined functions (UDFs) can make use of the new functionality too. I’m not an expert in this; I’m just sharing as much as I’ve learned to Read More

VBA to protect and unprotect Sheets

Protecting and unprotecting sheets is a common action for an Excel user.  There is nothing worse than when somebody, who doesn’t know what they’re doing, over types essential formulas and cell values.  It’s even worse when that person happens to be ourselves; all it takes is one accidental keypress, and suddenly the entire worksheet is Read More