How to automate Excel with reusable Office Scripts

Automate Excel - reusable Office Scripts

Recently, Office Scripts gained the ability to run scripts using parameters. This means we can provide custom values to change the outcome of the Office Script. This suddenly makes Office Scripts significantly more useful as we can create more reusable Office Scripts. We are still hoping Office Scripts will gain functionality that enables creation of … Read more

Change number format based on a cell value in Excel

Number formats based on value (1)

You’ve built an amazing dynamic report; a user selects a business unit to view, and everything updates automatically – it’s beautiful. The only issue is that Company A has sales of $30,000,000, Company B has sales of $30,000. Displaying values in 1 decimal place millions makes sense for Company A. $30,000,000 becomes $30.0m. But it … Read more

How to use Table slicers for advanced interactivity in Excel

Table slicer selections

Having looked at how to use slicers with PIVOTBY and FILTER in a previous post. Let’s take this a step further and discover how we can use Table slicers for more advanced user interactivity. Table of Contents Example Getting the table slicer selections Changing and applying table slicer selections Disconnected slicers Slicer selections LAMBDA Conclusion … Read more