Dashboard model building fundamentals Thumb

Dashboards – model building fundamentals

Get the fundamental model building principles right and designing your dashboard will becomes much easier. Dashboards are made up of cells and objects, all of which have different purposes.  Some of those cells contain raw data taken from other systems, some cells are purely for presentation and other cells are for calculations used in charts Read More

VLOOKUP Automatically Expend Data Range Thumb

Automatically expand the VLOOKUP data range

The 2nd argument in the VLOOKUP function is the table_array.  This is the range of cells which contain all the data to be used in the VLOOKUP function.    For example, in the code below A1:C9 is the table_array. =VLOOKUP(“O Redding”,A1:C9,3,FALSE) When setting up a VLOOKUP formula we know how many rows there are in the Read More