Calculate CAGR in Excel (Compound Annual Growth Rate)

In this post, we are looking at how to calculate CAGR in Excel. CAGR stands for Compound Annual Growth Rate; it calculates the annual percentage growth over a period of time, where the growth is compounded each year. The compound annual growth rate is often used in finance to understand how different investments have performed Read More

Office Scripts – Sort sheets alphabetically

In this post, we are covering how to sort sheets alphabetically using Office Scripts. Actually, the final code will be flexible enough to sort sheets in many different ways. I’ll share the basic script, along with the steps to create a more dynamic and robust solution. By the end, we will have a script that Read More

Office Scripts – Hide all sheets except one

In this post, we’ll cover the Office Script you can use to hide all sheets except one. I’ll share the basic script, along with the options to change the code to your requirements. Since Power Automate can use Office Scripts, I will also share the reusable code block to use with dynamic flows. Example Office Read More