Change number format based on a cell value in Excel

Number formats based on value (1)

You’ve built an amazing dynamic report; a user selects a business unit to view, and everything updates automatically – it’s beautiful. The only issue is that Company A has sales of $30,000,000, Company B has sales of $30,000. Displaying values in 1 decimal place millions makes sense for Company A. $30,000,000 becomes $30.0m. But it … Read more

How to resize Excel sheet – 4 ways: manual & automatic

Auto resize excel sheet

This post looks at how to Resize an Excel sheet. It’s a common requirement for users and is especially useful when creating dashboards for different-size monitors. Every office I have ever worked in has been an equipment battleground. It didn’t matter what the equipment was; it just had to be better than everybody else. A new keyboard, … Read more

Excel calculation mode keeps changing: How to fix it!

You’re probably already aware that Excel has two main calculation modes: automatic and manual. I’m sure everybody would prefer to use automatic calculation; however, formula complexity and large data sets can cause spreadsheet calculation to be slow. As a result, some users set Excel to manual calculation mode. The differences between these two calculation modes can … Read more

How to remove spaces in Excel (7 simple ways)

Remove spaces in Excel - Featured Image

The space character for an Excel user can be a real problem. When exporting data from various IT systems, that export will often include extra spaces around values. Finding a way to remove spaces in Excel is a crucial skill for every user. We often can’t see the space characters, but Excel sees them. They … Read more