Spreadsheet Day 2018

Happy Spreadsheet Day! 17th of October is Spreadsheet Day, the day each year when we celebrate… you guessed it… spreadsheets. VisiCalc, the first spreadsheet application, shipped on 17 October 1979. Originally it was only compatible with the Apple II and cost $99. I don’t know if VisiCalc had formulas and functions. Sometimes I wonder what Read More

Excel Tables – Absolute cell & column references

One of the first things we learn in Excel is the magic of the $ symbol.  It freezes the row or column, so when copying a formula, the cell reference does not change.  With the introduction of Tables came a different (and more semantic) way to reference cells, called structured references.  However, structured references don’t Read More

Create a running total in an Excel Table

Excel Tables are one of the best features of Excel.  Tables were originally introduced as part of Excel 2003, under the name of Lists, but were expanded and renamed to Tables in Excel 2007.  Whilst it is possible to use the standard cell referencing with a Table, they have their own referencing style.  Using this Read More

3 ways to change or insert images based cell values

From stock parts to holiday villas, from employees to logos, there are plenty of reasons to insert and automatically change an image based on a cell value.  Or you may think if this a formula which changes a picture, rather than a number.  Ultimately, the purpose is to link an image or picture to a Read More