How to resize Excel sheet – 4 ways: manual & automatic

Auto resize excel sheet

This post looks at how to Resize an Excel sheet. It’s a common requirement for users and is especially useful when creating dashboards for different-size monitors. Every office I have ever worked in has been an equipment battleground. It didn’t matter what the equipment was; it just had to be better than everybody else. A new keyboard, … Read more

Excel calculation mode keeps changing: How to fix it!

You’re probably already aware that Excel has two main calculation modes: automatic and manual. I’m sure everybody would prefer to use automatic calculation; however, formula complexity and large data sets can cause spreadsheet calculation to be slow. As a result, some users set Excel to manual calculation mode. The differences between these two calculation modes can … Read more

How to remove spaces in Excel (7 simple ways)

Remove spaces in Excel - Featured Image

The space character for an Excel user can be a real problem. When exporting data from various IT systems, that export will often include extra spaces around values. Finding a way to remove spaces in Excel is a crucial skill for every user. We often can’t see the space characters, but Excel sees them. They … Read more

Excel Table absolute reference for cells, columns, and rows

Excel Tables absolute references

One of the first things we learn in Excel is the magic of the $ symbol. It freezes the row or column, so the cell reference does not change when copying a formula. This is known as an absolute reference. With the introduction of Tables came a different (and more semantic) way to reference cells, called structured … Read more

Excel formulas not calculating? 14 reasons & how to fix it

Excel not calculating

We have all experienced it, and often at the worst possible moment. For whatever reason, Excel’s formulas aren’t calculating correctly. The good news is that it is usually something simple. Once we know the most likely causes, it is easier to troubleshoot the problem. So, in this post, we look at the most likely reasons … Read more