Promote headers in nested tables before expanding columns (2 ways)

Promote before expand

In Power Query, promoting headers for nested tables before expanding columns leads to fewer and easier transformations. However, these options are not available in the user interface. Therefore, we must make a few changes to the M code ourselves. This post shows two ways to promote headers in nested tables before expanding columns. Table of … Read more

How to add manual information to a query (commentary & references)

Add manual data

There are many scenarios where raw data itself isn’t enough to complete a task efficiently. For example, we may need to add manual information, such as categorization, commentary, or reference numbers. In this post, we look at this process and understand how to add manual information to a query. Table of Contents Key principles Example … Read more

Automate Reconciliations with Power Query (amazing time saver)

PQ Automated Reconciliation

Reconciliations are a common and time-consuming activity for finance and data professionals. So, in this post, we look at how to automate reconciliations with Power Query. A reconciliation is nothing more than comparing two pieces of information and ensuring they contain the same values. Unfortunately, reconciliations can be time-consuming, as a user may need to … Read more

Get data from latest file with Power Query

Data latest file Power Query

Our ability to manage inputs effectively is critical to building automated processes in Excel. A common reporting scenario is to get data from the latest file. This generally occurs where each file includes the historical data; therefore, we only need the latest file. In this post, we are exploring how to create an efficient solution … Read more