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Make working late a thing of the past

Online Excel training for professionals who want to save time

Use Tools

1. Automate tasks

Watch Course

2. Save time

Save Time

3. Do what you love

Using Excel inefficiently is causing you stress and making you miss out on what is important.

  • Manual Excel processes suck up huge amounts of time that you will never get back.
  • Spending too many hours at work means you miss out on time with your children.
  • Working during your lunch breaks, evenings and weekends means you never have opportunity to truly relax.
  • Work colleagues change the numbers at the last minute, causing you to work late while they leave on time.
  • Tight deadlines are always looming and constantly make you feel stressed.
  • Every month you feel like you perform the same repetitive tasks, and will be for every month going forward.

Excel Off The Grid teaches people all over the world how to take back control and reclaim their time.

We help professionals become so productive they can:

  • Leave on time every day
  • Spend more time doing what they love
  • Meet deadlines with no stress
  • Get the recognition they deserve

“I had been teaching myself all things Excel and Power Automate via searches for one-off solutions. It was frustrating because I didn’t know how to connect all the pieces into a working solution. I needed structure to my learning. Mark’s courses provided that and more. His automation framework helped bring together all the disparate best practices and concepts that I had been dancing around.”

Tanya McIlravy

“What originally convinced me to join Excel off the Grid was the bi-weekly Members Sessions. During the bi-weekly Live Members Sessions, students are able to share their screen (while hiding confidential data) and Mark will solve the problem live! I realized that Mark doesn’t just provide courses on how to get better in Excel, he teaches you how to solve problems and automate the solution.”

Marvin Smith

Take back control of your most valuable resource …your time!

Start Small

Start small

Save time on one process by implementing a proven framework that consistently automates tasks


Repeat the process

Apply the same knoweldge and skills to all your processes, creating a time-saving snowball

Take Control

Take control of your time

Now you have time, do something you love or spend more time with those you love

Joining the Excel Academy gives you access to:

The Excel Academy includes everything you need to automate Excel, no matter your skill set.


On-demand self-paced training courses to give you the Excel skills you need to succeed, including real-world projects and downloadable workbooks and practice files.

Learn more about the courses
Excel Automation Secrets

Excel Automation Secrets

Discover how to apply the reporting & analysis blueprint to automate your work with Excel.

Ultimate Excel Tables

Ultimate Excel Tables

Learn how to master Excel Tables by using them to hold data and perform dynamic reporting and analysis.

Power Query Pro

Power Query Pro

Discover how to combine and transform inputs into the perfect data structure using Power Query.

Mastering Power Pivot

Start building robust data models to improve your data analysis and handle unlimited data.

Excel Skills Boost

Excel Skills Boost

Worried that your skills aren’t good enough? Learn the core skills needed to be efficient and effective in Excel.

Office Scripts Course

Office Scripts: Automate Excel Everywhere

Discover how to use Office Scripts in Excel 365 to automate your work.


Download the ready-to-use tools and templates that are specifically designed so you can start automating Excel faster and easier than any other training program.

Learn more about the tools
Automation Toolkit

Automation Toolkit

Automate the tasks you don’t want to do with our Low Code / No Code automation tool for Excel. It makes automating Excel like creating a to-do list.

Power Query - Quick Steps

Power Query Quick Steps

Custom function library filled with easy transformations for tricky scenarios. Makes Power Query easier for longer.

Document Control Template

Take control of your inputs to ensure your automation finds the files and folders it needs to run successfully.

Push: Faster Presentation Creator

Push: Fast Presentation Creator

Create PowerPoint presentations from Excel faster and easier than ever before.


Connect with Excel users from all over the world going through the same challenges as you. Ask questions on the live Q&A members calls or in the community forum to get the help and advice you need to succeed.

Learn more about the community
Member Calls

Live Member Calls

Get direct, live help for your Excel problems on our live Q&A calls.

Support Forum

Support Forum

Available to you 24/7 to ask questions and get support.

Events and Resources

Access live masterclasses with topic experts, and download popular titles from the ebook library.

Learn more about the Events & Resources


Go deep with live sessions with topic experts, includes access to recordings of all previous masterclass sessions.

Ebook Library - New Books

Ebook library

Download top Excel and Power BI titles from the ebook library.

The Quick Start Plan

It’s easy to get started using our Quick Start Plan

Number 1

Start your membership today

Number 2

Follow the simple 7-step blueprint

Number 3

Start saving time

Read my story

“Something’s got to change…” they were the words spinning around my mind as I sat in my car. I had just arrived home from work; it was 11pm.

It had become a common routine. Sometimes it was 9:30pm, sometimes it was 11:30pm. The exact time was largely irrelevant. What mattered was that I had missed seeing my children…again.

I had a young family, and wanted to be around and see them grow up. But because of this job, I never saw my children, I hardly saw my wife, and most days I didn’t even see daylight.

The solution was obvious, I needed to get more done in less time.

The experts were telling me that keyboard shortcuts could save 15 minutes per day. Not enough. I needed hours, not minutes.

I set out on a mission to find the best ways to use Excel and save time.

Though this, I discovered there are tools and methods in Excel that work really well together. So well, in fact, that they could automate entire processes, and change hours of work into minutes.

I want to help you achieve this for yourself. So I’ve put all this learning together into a simple structure that you can follow and get the benefits too.

20 years from now, the only people who will remember that you worked late are your kids.

Join Today:

  • Complete your work faster
  • Go home on time (even when it is month end)
  • Update for last-minute changes in minutes (not hours)
  • Never miss another school play or sports day again

Not ready to join yet?

If nothing else, at least stop doing the tasks a trained monkey could do.

30 Most Useful VBA Macros Book

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30 most useful Excel VBA macros.

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