How to install or uninstall Excel Add-ins (Windows & Mac)

An Excel Add-in is a mini-software application that provides Excel with enhanced functionality and automation features. Whilst they can be created by third-party suppliers, even Microsoft themselves develop add-ins to provide additional functionality. Add-ins can take a number of forms: Excel Add-ins – typically these are Excel files saved with .xlam or .xla file types. They can Read More

How to convert color codes (RGB, HSL, HSV, Hex, Long, CMYK)

I often find myself converting between different formats of color codes; especially from hex to RGB and back again. Rather than firing up Google and searching for color conversion tools online, I decided to write my own User Defined Functions in Excel, now I can calculate the result within a worksheet instead. The functions in this Read More

The fastest way to create Bullet Charts

My first experience of Bullet Charts came from reading Information Dashboard Design by Stephen Few in 2007.  This was the year I started to get serious with dashboards. Initially, to create Bullet Charts I used the 3 stacked bar/column charts approach.  Later, I moved to using the two-axis stacked column where possible, but in general, Read More