How to use Table slicers for advanced interactivity in Excel

Table slicer selections

Having looked at how to use slicers with PIVOTBY and FILTER in a previous post. Let’s take this a step further and discover how we can use Table slicers for more advanced user interactivity. Table of Contents Example Getting the table slicer selections Changing and applying table slicer selections Disconnected slicers Slicer selections LAMBDA Conclusion … Read more

How to resize Excel sheet – 4 ways: manual & automatic

Auto resize excel sheet

This post looks at how to Resize an Excel sheet. It’s a common requirement for users and is especially useful when creating dashboards for different-size monitors. Every office I have ever worked in has been an equipment battleground. It didn’t matter what the equipment was; it just had to be better than everybody else. A new keyboard, … Read more

How to calculate Top 10 with formulas in Excel

Top 10 with formulas featured image

Top 10 lists are a common form for displaying information, especially on dashboards and summarized reports. It is easy to create a top 10 in Excel when working with sorted data; just cell link to the top 10 items in the list… easy! It’s also relatively simple when using AutoFilter, Tables, and PivotTables, as it … Read more

Creating custom Map Charts using shapes and VBA

Custom Map Charts

Whenever I see promotional images for expensive BI Dashboard software, they always show the same thing – a map with countries or regions highlighted in different colors.  It sends the subtle message that maps are the pinnacle of Business Intelligence (whether they are or not is a different matter altogether).  Until Excel 2016, these Map … Read more

5 rules for a dashboard color palette

Dashboard color palette

In this post, I would like to consider the use of colors in a dashboard (or, for that matter any analysis tool which uses colors to highlight areas of interest).  Everybody believes they have good taste, even though everybody has different tastes.  When choosing colors for a dashboard the key consideration is not your taste … Read more