How to easily swap ranges in Excel (1 click)

Copying, pasting, and moving cells are simple everyday tasks for Excel users. But what if something already occupies the area we want to paste to? We must perform the move-move-move shuffle by moving something into a temporary location before placing everything into its final destination. Wouldn’t it be better if there were a simple way to swap ranges … Read more

How to run Excel macros from Power Automate Desktop

Power Automate Desktop is a Microsoft tool for automating processes in a desktop environment. It’s a really powerful tool, but suffers from one significant drawback… it has limited Excel actions. However, Microsoft has given us the ability to run Excel macros from Power Automate Desktop; therefore, this gives us the power to do almost anything … Read more

Application.CutCopyMode = False (How to use it)

Application.CutCopyMode = False

If you use copy and paste while recording a Macro, we will see the code which refers to Application.CutCopyMode = False. You may wonder why it’s there? What does it do? In this post, we answer all your question about Application.CutCopyMode. Table of Contents Application.CutCopyMode = False in recorded macros What is Application.CutCopyMode = False for? … Read more

How to install or uninstall Excel Add-ins (Windows & Mac)

How to install or uninstall Excel Add-ins

An Excel Add-in is a mini-software application that provides Excel with enhanced functionality and automation features. Whilst they can be created by third-party suppliers, even Microsoft themselves develop add-ins to provide additional functionality. Add-ins can take a number of forms: COM Add-ins and Office Download Store Add-ins will have their own installation processes. Excel Add-ins, however, have … Read more

How to run a macro from a macro (from another workbook)

VBA Code Snippets

In VBA, there are several ways to run a macro from a macro, and even run a macro from another workbook. On forums, these methods are used interchangeably depending on the commenter’s personal preferences. This can lead to confusion for anybody trying to learn VBA. Depending on the method for running/calling the macro, the syntax is slightly … Read more

How to resize Excel sheet – 4 ways: manual & automatic

Auto resize excel sheet

This post looks at how to Resize an Excel sheet. It’s a common requirement for users and is especially useful when creating dashboards for different-size monitors. Every office I have ever worked in has been an equipment battleground. It didn’t matter what the equipment was; it just had to be better than everybody else. A new keyboard, … Read more