How to automate Excel with reusable Office Scripts

Automate Excel - reusable Office Scripts

Recently, Office Scripts gained the ability to run scripts using parameters. This means we can provide custom values to change the outcome of the Office Script. This suddenly makes Office Scripts significantly more useful as we can create more reusable Office Scripts. We are still hoping Office Scripts will gain functionality that enables creation of … Read more

How to create Multiple PDFs from Excel (Office Scripts + Power Automate)

Creating multiple PDFs based on a list is a common use case in Excel. I’m asked about it regularly. A few weeks ago, I received this question about our Office Scripts course: Before I start the course on Office Scripts, I was wondering if it is possible to loop through a spreadsheet and with each … Read more

How to email or save Excel images with Power Automate

Images from Excel - Power Automate

It is common in many businesses to send regular email summaries or reports to senior executives. Typical scenarios include daily sales reports or cash-flow positions. These emails often contain images displaying the key information. With the current cloud technologies, we now have an easy way to automate this. So, in this post, we look at … Read more

How to run Power Automate from Excel with Office Scripts or VBA

Run Power Automate From Excel

For a long time, I’ve been asking Microsoft for the ability to run a Power Automate flow from an Office Script. Office Scripts are restricted to operate only on objects within the workbook. Therefore, we can’t currently run a script that changes another workbook, or undertakes other activities outside of Excel. This significantly reduces the … Read more

Power Automate CSV to Excel (via Office Script: Easy Method)

Convert CSV to Excel - Office Scripts & Power Automate

CSV files are a common file format; they are regularly used to export data from IT systems. Excel desktop can convert CSV to Excel with ease. However, in the online world of Office 365, things aren’t quite so simple. The online world provides us with new automation opportunities not available in a desktop environment. However, … Read more