Hide named ranges in Excel: 4 simple ways

Named ranges are a useful feature of Excel. We often use them to build more complex tools that we may share with other users. Therefore, those named ranges become a critical part of our spreadsheet. Unfortunately, if those users modify or delete the named ranges, it may break the calculations. So, in this post, I Read More

CSV to Excel: Power Automate & Office Scripts

CSV files are a common file format; they are regularly used to export data from IT systems. Excel desktop can convert CSV to Excel with ease. However, in the online world of Office 365, things aren’t quite so simple. The online world provides us with new automation opportunities not available in a desktop environment. As Read More

Office Scripts – Sort sheets alphabetically

In this post, we are covering how to sort sheets alphabetically using Office Scripts. Actually, the final code will be flexible enough to sort sheets in many different ways. I’ll share the basic script, along with the steps to create a more dynamic and robust solution. By the end, we will have a script that Read More

Office Scripts – Hide all sheets except one

In this post, we’ll cover the Office Script you can use to hide all sheets except one. I’ll share the basic script, along with the options to change the code to your requirements. Since Power Automate can use Office Scripts, I will also share the reusable code block to use with dynamic flows. Example Office Read More

Office Scripts – Workbook & worksheet protection

As Excel users, we often find ourselves protecting and unprotecting worksheets and workbooks.  While Excel’s protection is not perfect, it does prevent others or even us from accidentally making changes.  It can be as simple as one keystroke that turns our worksheet perfection into an error-filled disaster. Unfortunately, protecting and unprotecting is an enormous time Read More

Office Scripts – Working with worksheets

Some of the most common Excel automation actions involve managing worksheets.  Now that we have Office Scripts as an automation tool within Excel Online, it’s time to learn how to use worksheets within this new environment. If you have written VBA Macros before, many of the principles will transfer directly to Office Scripts.  There is Read More