Automatic e-mail template for Excel

If you speak to anybody who works in the accountancy field, they will always be talking about the “month end”.  In all medium and large companies there will be a process at each month end which requires statements to be issued and reports to be distributed.  This monthly process fills most finance people with a Read More

Excel settings you're not using Thumb

17 Excel settings you’re not using…but should be

If there is one thing Excel has in abundance, it’s settings.  To new and even experienced users, it can be overwhelming.  It is difficult to know which settings to use and when to use them.  In this post, I’d like to share a few settings you’re probably not using, but you might find useful.  They Read More


Spreadsheet Day 2017

Happy Spreadsheet Day! What are your feelings about allocating days to celebration or awareness of certain things?  Like International Talk Like a Pirate Day (19th September), Oatmeal Nut Waffles Day (11th March) or Bathtub Day (7th October)?  Well, the 17 October is International Spreadsheet day.  Normally, I would think these days are pointless, but I Read More

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The 7 most dangerous Excel features

“With great power comes great responsibility”, or so we are told in the Spider-man comic book and movies.  Microsoft, in Excel, has given us some very powerful features; features which save time, features which make Excel easier to use, features to produce amazing documents.  However, these features, in the wrong hands (or even in the Read More

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Advanced Excel Essentials in the real world

A few months ago I wrote a review of Jordan Goldmeier’s Advanced Excel Essentials. I had a project recently, which I thought this approach would be ideal for.  This post is to tell you how I got on. Since reading Advanced Excel Essentials I have also taken Jordan’s Excel Dashboard Pro video course.  This course Read More

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Why does Excel’s calculation mode keep changing?

You’re probably aware that Excel has two main calculation modes: automatic and manual. Automatic calculation will re-calculate the workbook when a value changes or based on specific actions (inserting, deleting, hiding rows/columns, or renaming a worksheet). Manual calculation only re-calculates when specifically requested by the user. Click Formulas -> Calculation -> Calculate Now (shortcut key Read More