Excel number formats for accounting & finance you NEED to know

Excel’s default number formats don’t really work for accounting and finance reports. There is no way any accountant in their right mind would use the Accounting format. Instead, we must develop our own custom number formats with the brackets, decimals, and alignment in exactly the right place. So, I want to share with you the Read More

How to use Excel Table within a data validation list (3 ways)

Excel Tables expand automatically whenever new data is added to the bottom. This feature alone makes Tables one of the most powerful tools within the Excel users toolkit. A Table can be used as the source data for a chart and within a named range, both of which benefit from the auto-expand feature. Data validation lists would Read More

How to create a PivotTable from multiple Tables (easy way)

When most people use PivotTables, they copy the source data into a worksheet, then carry out lots of VLOOKUPs to get the categorization columns into the data set. After that, the data is ready, we can create a PivotTable, and the analysis can start. But we don’t need to do all those VLOOKUPs anymore. Instead, we can Read More

Spreadsheet Day 2017

Happy Spreadsheet Day! What are your feelings about allocating days to celebration or awareness of certain things?  Like International Talk Like a Pirate Day (19th September), Oatmeal Nut Waffles Day (11th March) or Bathtub Day (7th October)?  Well, the 17 October is International Spreadsheet day.  Normally, I would think these days are pointless, but I Read More