Dynamic arrays in Excel – Everything you NEED to know

Excel has changed… like seriously, changed. Every time we used Excel in the past, we accepted a simple operating rule; one formula one cell. Even with advanced formulas, it was still necessary to have a cell for each. But this has changed; Excel now allows a single formula to fill multiple cells. This is possible because Microsoft has changed Read More

How to calculate Top 10 with formulas in Excel

Top 10 lists are a common form for displaying information, especially on dashboards and summarized reports. It is easy to create a top 10 in Excel when working with sorted data; just cell link to the top 10 items in the list… easy! It’s also relatively simple when using AutoFilter, Tables, and PivotTables, as it Read More

Dynamic arrays and VBA user defined functions (UDFs)

Office 365 subscribers now have Excel’s new calculation engine available to them, meaning lots of users suddenly have access to dynamic arrays.  This got me thinking about whether VBA user-defined functions (UDFs) can make use of the new functionality too. I’m not an expert in this; I’m just sharing as much as I’ve learned to Read More