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This page features the technical specifications and change log for the Automation Toolkit.


Technical specifications


  • Windows PC only (no support for Mac)
  • Excel Desktop 2013 onwards, including Excel 365 (no support for Excel Online)


Users may use the Automation Toolkit on unlimited devices and may make unlimited copies. But usage is restricted to the single user who purchased the license through either their membership or a one-off purchase.

Please contact customer support ( to discuss

  • team and site licensing options
  • Selling to the tool as part of another service or product

Change log

Current Version: 2.0003

VersionRelease DateChanges
Under developmentNew Features:
[1] New Actions added
– PowerPoint Open Get – Returns true/false to show if the PowerPoint application is open.
2.0003 [Beta]2023-12-13New Features:
[1] New Actions added:
– PowerPoint Presentations List Get – Returns a list of open PowerPoint presentations
– Excel Table Rows Delete – Deletes all the rows in a Table
– PowerPoint Presentation Existence Get – Returns TRUE (Presentation is open) or FALSE (Presentation is not open)

Bug Fixes:
[1] Improvements in v2.0001 for looping caused issues with TRUE/FALSE values. Issues now resolved.
[2] Further improvement to Folder Existence check to ensure differentiation between files and folders.
2.0002 [Beta]2023-11-13New Features:
[1] New Actions added:
– Excel Image Save – Saves a range or chart as an image
– Excel Ribbon Update – Updates the Automation Toolkit Ribbon

Bug Fixes:
[1] Improvements to Automation If Value Is GoTo for looping numerically.
[2] Added process to find ribbon object, even if errors occur.
[3] Bug fix – improved folder existence check with certain special characters in Excel 2016.
2.0001 [Beta]2023-09-19New Features:
[1] Quick Parts – allowing blocks of common actions to be inserted at the same time
[2] New Actions added:
– Folder Copy – copies a folder
– Folder Move – moves a folder
– Folder Delete – deletes a folder
– PowerPoint Object Slide Number Get – returns the slide number of a named Excel object
– Excel Sheet Clear – clears all the contents and formatting from an Excel sheet
[5] LAMBDA functions added as an easier method to implement the helpful formulas:
– fxGetFileName: extract file name from a full file path
– fxGetFolderPath: extract folder path from full file path
– fxCountDelimitedList: gets the count of items in a delimited list
– fxNthItemDelimitedList: gets the nth item from a delimited list
– fxPPTLinkFilePath: gets the Excel full path from a PowerPoint link
[6] Delete / Move Up / Move Down buttons now work with actions and variables
[7] Macro Names have been added to the Help pages to enable the use of individual actions within Power Automate or to call from other workbook macros.

Bug Fixes:
[1] Changed the logic for Automation If Value is Go To to allow correct treatment for True/False as test values
[2] Altered code for DynamicRibbon_onLoad to reduce instances of error on load
[3] Corrected minor parameter typos
[4] Actions with no Action Parameters no longer overwritten when new action added
[5] Removed support for Dynamic Arrays to enable compatibility with non-DA versions of Excel. Will revisit if sufficient DA use cases exist.
[6] Handled Excel bug from changing calculation mode in Excel Slicer Change
[7] Updated the Count items in delimited list formula to include zero length lists
2.0000 [Beta]2023-05-18Complete rebuild from previous versions.

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