Charting tips when in rush thumb

Excel charting tips for when you’re in a rush

Creating advanced charts in Excel can take a bit of time, as there are so many things to change.  Recently, I had to prepare a financial presentation quickly, like really quickly.  I knew exactly which charts were required (I had been given very clear instructions) and I knew how to do them (which is always Read More

Custom Map Charts Thumb

Creating custom Map Charts using shapes and VBA

Whenever I see promotional images for expensive BI Dashboard software, they always show the same thing – a map with countries or regions highlighted in different colors.  It sends the subtle message that maps are the pinnacle of Business Intelligence (whether they are or not is a different matter altogether).  Until Excel 2016, these Map Read More

Highlight specific bars thumb

Highlight specific bars in a bar chart

Sometimes in a chart we want to highlight certain bars so the reader can quickly see the important information.  An example would be to highlight our company when it is compared with its competitors (see the chart below). In this chart, it is very easy to see how Fox Books compares to its competitors.  There Read More


Top 10: Excel, VBA and Dashboard books

If you want to take your Excel, VBA or Dashboard skills to the next level then these 10 books will provide you with the skills you need to become an expert. Complete Excel Reference Sometimes we just need something which is going to give us a really solid understanding of Excel as a whole. [1] Read More


How to create misleading charts

Visualization experts such as Stephen Few and Stephanie Evergreen inspire us to make charts which enable users to understand information quickly and accurately.  Personally, I love articles about how to make charts more usable.  But there is also the other side, the marketing activities, the political organizations and maybe your boss, who wants to put a bit of ‘spin’ Read More