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Push Add-in

Inserting tables and charts into PowerPoint should be simple.  It should just be a single click – BAM! Done.  Yet, it never seems to work that way.  I used to spend hours updating, re-updating and re-updating again the same PowerPoint slides.  They might have been small tweaks, but when most of your data is in Excel a small tweak can take just as long as a big tweak.  There was just too much copying, pasting, moving and resizing going on.

I wanted a world where the copy, paste special, move and resize happened automatically.  At the click of a button – a single button!  Was that too much to ask for?

So I developed the Push Add-in.  When creating PowerPoint slides I no longer have to deal with the world of copy, paste, move and resize.  And you don’t have to either.


The Push Add-in

It is so simple that it should be part of Excel already.  Just select the cells, charts or object you wish to insert into PowerPoint, click the Push button.  BAM!  That’s it.  Done.  The chart or table is now instantly inserted into PowerPoint in the right place and the right size.

Push Automatic Resize

No copying, no pasting, no moving and no resizing, just select and click.  Now it really is possible to turn an Excel workbook into an entire PowerPoint presentation in seconds.


7 paste types to choose from

Whilst it is possible to create slides with just a single click, we know that different circumstances call for different paste types.  With the Push Add-in you are not limited to a single option, the drop-down menu provides complete flexibility, as there are 7 different paste types to choose from.  You can select the option which meets your needs for the circumstances.

Push - Paste types

  • Standard Paste – inserts the standard paste type as determined by the Excel/PowerPoint defaults
  • Picture – inserts a static picture
  • Linked Picture – inserts a picture which is linked back to the object/range in the Excel workbook
  • Embedded Workbook – for when you want the user to edit the workbook within the PowerPoint slide
  • Table – Inserts an edit-able formatted table onto the slide
  • Formatted Text – For when you just want to insert text whilst retaining the formatting
  • Plain Text – For when you want to move the text without the formatting


Creating the same presentations regularly?

If you create the same presentations each period, maybe for a financial report or a project update, Push can save you hours of time every month.  How you may wonder? The Linked Picture paste type maintains links back to the original Excel workbook.  Change your Excel file and the changes are instantly available the next time you open the PowerPoint slides.  Setup the PowerPoint presentation once and let the magic updating process take care of things after that.


Instant Replace

With Push you can create slides with a single click, but you can also change slides just as quick.  If turns out your manager wants a table rather than a chart – no problem.  Select the old item you wish to replace, then select the new cells, chart or object, click the Push button.  The object is instantly replaced!  But, not just that, the new object is sized to fit exactly where the old object existed.

Push Auto Replace



There are a variety of settings, which enable Push to work the way you do.

Push Settings

  • Default paste type – which one of the 7 paste type is allocated to the main Push button.
  • Paste to – has two options:
    • Active Slide – to paste onto the currently selected PowerPoint slide.
    • New Slide – to paste each successive ‘Push’ onto a new slide (use this option to build new presentations super fast).
  • Margins – these are the dimensions you want to use for the slide theme you are using.
  • Delete old image – When using instant replace you can decide to delete the old image, or to place the new image on top.
  • Replace type – When using instant replace you can select how it should resize the new image:
    • Match height – the new object is set to the height of the old object, the width is set based on the proportions of the new object.
    • Match width – the new object is set to the width of the old object; the height is set based on the proportions of the object.
    • Squeeze – the new object is squeezed to fit the exact height and width of the old object.
    • Best fit (recommended) – the proportions of the new object are maintained and will fit into the height or width, whichever is the smallest.


Free updates

I don’t want anybody to miss out on updates and enhancements.  When you purchase, Push you can be confident that you will receive any new updates and features when they are released directly to your e-mail inbox.


The Guarantee

I believe that once you’ve used Push for just a few days you will never want to go back.  I am so confident of this that I am offering 100% money back guarantee for 30 days from the date of purchase.  If you decide that Push is not for you, then send me an email and I will refund you in full.  So there really is nothing to lose.


Download the Push Add-in . . . today!

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Still got questions?

Which versions of Excel does Push work on?
Push works on Excel 2007-2016 for Windows (sorry Mac users, but Excel for Mac just isn’t up to the task quite yet).

What if Push isn’t for me after all?
I want you to be pleased with your purchase.  However, if Push isn’t for you, I offer 100% money back guarantee for 30 days from the date of purchase.

How many devices can I install Push onto?
Each license is on a per user basis for an unlimited number of devices.  Which means you may purchase Push for home and also use it at work.
Find the End User License Agreement here.

Can I purchase copies for my entire team/office?
Yes, just contact me to discuss discounts for multiple licenses.

Can I get a trial version?
To be honest, you just don’t need it.  If you do not like the product just ask for your money back under the 30 day guarantee.

Where can I get help if I need it?
The help pages can be accessed from within the Settings window of the Push Add-in, but can also be found here.

I’m a subscriber to the Excel Off the Grid newsletter, can I get a discount?
Yes, go to the download section of the site.  Enter your name and e-mail address to get your discount code.

Still got questions?
Just ask, I’d love to help you out.  Contact me here.


Download the Push Add-in

What are you waiting for?  You could have created 10 PowerPoint presentations in the time it took you to read this.  Click the Buy Now button and get instant access to the Push Add-in for just $19.

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