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This page features the technical specifications and change log for the Document Control Template.


Technical specifications


  • Windows PC only (no support for Mac)
  • Excel Desktop 2013 onwards, including Excel 365 (no support for Excel Online)


Users may use the Document Control Template on unlimited devices and may make unlimited copies. But usage is restricted to the single user who purchased the license through either their membership or a one-off purchase.

Please contact customer support ( to discuss:

  • team and site licensing options
  • Selling the tool as part of another service or product

Change log

Current Version: 2.0002

VersionRelease DateChanges
2024-05-17New Features:
[1] Archive, Delete, and Folder Create operate on multiple selections.
[2] Introduced archive folder to force all archived files into a central folder.

Bug Fixes/Enhancements
[1] Archiving bug was fixed, which prevented the feature from operating correctly.
2.0002 [Beta]2023-11-21Bug fix – the distinction between files and folders not occurring correctly following bug fix for 2.0001.
2.0001 [Beta]2023-11-14Bug fix – improved folder existence check with certain special characters in Excel 2016.
2.0000 [Beta]2023-09-19Complete rebuild from previous versions.

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