Are you or your team wasting precious time on repetitive tasks?  Are executives, accountants, data analysts, HR professionals, and others spending too much time moving numbers about on spreadsheets?  Imagine setting them free from that monotony to do the job they were hired to do.

We live in a data-driven age. However, most business professionals are not trained to manage and use data efficiently. This leads to huge amounts of wasted time even to create the most basic of reports. But it doesn’t have to be that way; I can help you.


I help automate business processes using the Microsoft 365 tools you’ve already got.  Please speak to me about your business requirements and current processes; I will help identify and build the solution which meets your needs.

The projects I can support with are:

  • Business Analytics, Dashboards & automated reporting (Power BI, Excel)
  • Process automation (Power Automate, Power Query, Macros (Excel, Word, PowerPoint)

I can work remotely or on-site (within parts of the UK – East Anglia and East Midlands).

Looking for Power BI consultancy? Check out my Power BI site here: BI Off The Grid

About Me

Mark Proctor (BSc, FCA, Microsoft MVP)
Consultancy - Power BI, Power Automate, Excel

Mark is a qualified accountant who has been applying spreadsheet-based solutions to solve real-world problems for the last 20 years.  Whilst working in the media, food, retail, and manufacturing sectors, he built extensive dashboard, reporting, and process automation tools, to achieve greater business insight and efficiency.

More recently, he has focused on Microsoft’s “Power” tools (Power Automate, Power BI, Power Query, and Power Pivot) which are now widely available but massively underutilized by most businesses.

As a Microsoft MVP, Mark is recognized as an expert who makes an outstanding contribution to the wider Microsoft community.

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