Quick Steps – Technical Information


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This page features the technical specifications and change log for Quick Steps.


Technical specifications


  • Windows PC only (no support for Mac)
  • Excel Desktop 2016 onwards, including Excel 365 (no support for Excel Online)


Users may use the Quick Steps functions on unlimited devices, may make unlimited copies, and may use the functions in solutions shared with others.

Users may not share the entire function library. Functions can only be shared with others where relevant to a specific solution.

Usage of the add-in is restricted to the single user who acquired the license through either their membership or a one-off purchase.

Please contact customer support (https://exceloffthegrid.com/customer-support) to discuss

  • team and site licensing options
  • Selling the Quick Steps library or add-in as part of another service or product

Change log

Current Version: 1.0002

VersionRelease DateChanges
1.00022024-05-08New Features:
[1] New functions added:
– fxGroupColumnUnpivot
– fxGroupRowUnpivot

Enhancements / Bug Fixes:
[1] fxFlattenHeaderRows now functions correctly with promoted headers (e.g. where column headers are not “Column1,Column2,Column3” etc).
[2] Speed enhancements for:
– fxGroupRunningTotal
– fxPreviousRow
– fxRemoveNullColumns
– fxRunningTotal
– fxTextRemoveSpaces
– fxRepeatValueToNull
1.00012024-02-12New Features:
[1] Info button added to provide version number
[2] New functions added:
– fxDeleteNullMoveLeft
– fxRepeatValueToNull
– fxRowNumberByGroup
– fxFilesInSharePointFolder
[3] Function argument details are now included within the first section of code to increase visibility within the code preview box (appears when hovering the mouse over the function name in the formula bar).

Enhancements / Bug Fixes:
[1] Added process to find ribbon object, even if errors occur.
[2] Speed improvements to:
– fxRenameColumnsByPosition
– fxGetNameParameter
– fxGetTableParameter
[3] Displays error if there is no active workbook.
1.0000 [Beta]2023-09-20First version