Hey, I’m Mark. I’m glad I’ve found you.

In this online world, all the information you need is out there.  Just put a few words into Google,  and you can find almost anything.  This is true for fun facts about your favourite celebrities, finding the cheapest vacation deals and even solving Excel problems (I’m guessing you even found this site through a Google search).  However, just because it’s out there does not make it easy to follow, well structured, or accurate.  That’s why I’m glad I found you.  I want to take you from a beginner/intermediate Excel user to an advanced Excel user.  I aim to demystify some of those “advanced” features and show you that it’s not so hard after all.  If that sounds OK to you, then you’re in the right place. 🙂

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My parents tell me that at the age of 7 I declared I was going to become an accountant.  I was either psychic or had no imagination, as 17 years later I qualified as a chartered accountant.  From my very first day in the real world, I started to develop some Excel skills and it has all continued from there.

Over the last 20 years or so,  I’ve encountered countless problems in Excel.  Some of them were solved by learning from work colleagues, some by pure trial and error and others by using internet resources.  I would love nothing more than for us to sit down together and work through some Excel problems (probably involving some element of trial and error).  But since that’s not an option, here is my internet resource, which is hopefully the next best thing.

Imagine if you could save time every day just by using Excel better, wouldn’t that be great?  You don’t have to save huge blocks of time, just a few minutes here and there and it soon starts to add up.  But what could you do with that time?

  • Do something new (learn to scuba dive, take up fencing or learn to play guitar)
  • Get something done (complete your tax return on time or switch energy providers and save some cash)
  • Just go home earlier and spend more time with your family and friends.

Wouldn’t all of those make a difference to your life?  That is my goal for this site, to create a resource which might actually make a difference to you.

Better use of Excel might not change the world, but it might change yours.


Mark Proctor

(Chief Excel Officer, Excel Off The Grid)

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