Flip Add-in: Apply your favorite number formats instantly

Excel Flip Add-in

Excel is a very  powerful tool.  You can manipulate and display data in so many different ways.  If you want a border or a new background color then this can applied  quickly and easily.  Number formatting is a little trickier though.  Sure, Excel provides a host of options within the number formatting section of the menus.  However, what if you want something which which is not on the standard menu?  In these circumstances you could create a custom number format.  But custom number formats have a number of short comings:

  • They only exist within each individual workbook.  If you start a new workbook, you have to create them all over again.
  • They are so easy to get wrong, even if you apply the same formats over and over again in different workbooks.  It just requires a small typing error and the format will display incorrectly.
  • You almost need to be an Excel expert just to be able to apply custom number formats.

The Flip Add-in is the tool which solves this problem.

I would spend several minutes each day just formatting numbers to look how I wanted.   It may not sound like much, but those minutes soon add up.  My time is too valuable to  carry out the same unnecessary task over and over again.  This is why I created this Add-in.

How about your time?  Surely your time is more valuable than to have to carry out the same unnecessary task over and over again.

Whether you work in Science, Engineering, Education, Finance or any other area, the Flip Add-in can save you time every single day.


How does Flip work?

Flip enables you to create up to 8 different custom number formats, which can be accessed on any workbook at any time, with a single click.  Sounds good doesn’t it?

Once installed, Flip will create additional buttons within the menu.  These buttons will apply the number format to the cells selected with a single click.

Excel ribbon plus flip

To create your own formats, simply click on the Settings button.  The Flip Format Settings window will open.

Excel Add-in Flip Settings

You can create up to 8 formats.  Each format has 3 settings:

  • Name – this is the description which appears on the menu
  • Format – this is the code for the custom number format to be applied
  • Display – this option box determines which formats are displayed on the menu.

If learning how to use custom number formats seems like too much effort then you’re in luck. The Excel Flip-Add-in import icon icon will import the number format of the selected cell.  So you do not need to know any custom number formatting.  You can identify the number formats you like on existing worksheets, and simply click this icon to import the format.  Then, just give the format a name, click the display option and  click Save.  The format is now saved, ready for you to apply to all of your workbooks.

Even if you can create your favorite number formats by amending the default options, the Flip Add-in is still significantly faster.  Selecting a default option and amending it will require multiple mouse clicks, but with Flip, the setting can be applied with a single click.  Just import the formats of existing formatted cells.  All of your formats will be available in a single location.  You may never need to use the standard formatting options again.


Frequently Asked Questions

Which versions of Excel does Flip work on?
Flip works on Excel 2007-2016 for Windows (does not work on Mac).

What if Flip isn’t for me?
Please see the Guarantee section below.  I offer 100% money back guarantee for 30 days.

How many devices can I install Flip onto?
Each license is on a per user basis for an unlimited number of devices, so you may purchase Flip for home and also use it on your work PC.
Find the End User License Agreement here.

Where can I get help if I need it?
There help pages can be accessed from within the Settings page of the Flip Add-in.  The help page can also be found here.


The Guarantee

I believe that once you’ve used Flip for just a couple of days you will never want to go back.  Therefore, I am willing to give you 100% money back guarantee for 30 days from the date of purchase.  If you decide that Flip is not for you, then send me an email and I will refund you in full.  So there is nothing to lose.

If you love saving time in Excel, now is your opportunity to obtain the Flip Add-in and start making those time savings today.  Click the Buy Now button below to get your hands on this simple and effective Add-in for just $14.

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