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Excel off the Grid: The Start

Excel Off The Grid: The Start

The Why

“Oh no, not another Excel blog” I hear you say, and maybe you are correct.  But if there is one thing I know about Excel, it is this: Nobody knows everything.  Even the likes of Bill Jelen and Chandoo don’t know everything.  They might know every feature, but they can’t possibly imagine the various ways all those features could be used.

Even though I consider myself a reasonably high-level user, I’ve have been shown tricks and methods by colleagues who are terrible (some seriously terrible) at Excel – annoyingly his often accompanied by the phrase “how do you no know that, everybody knows that”.  There are things which you know that I don’t, and vice versa. So, by sharing what we all know it’s got to be a step in the right direction, right?

My primary tool for input, presentation and analysis of data is Excel, I use it every day.  If a carpenter uses a saw every day, you would expect him/her to be pretty good with it.  So as my primary tool, I want to make sure that I am pretty good with Excel.  Hopefully the information on this site will help you towards becoming pretty good with it too.

The Goal of Excel Off The Grid

In the last 15 years I’ve encountered countless problems.  Some of them were solved by watching and learning from other people, some by pure trial and error and others by using internet resources.  I can’t sit next to you and show you things, I can’t help you with trial and error, but I can help with internet resources.  So here it is – my internet resource.

Imagine if you could save time at every day at work just by using Excel better, wouldn’t that be great.  It doesn’t have to be huge blocks of time, maybe just a few minutes every day.  But what would you do with that time? You could:

  • Achieve something new
  • Get something which is currently out of control under control
  • Just go home earlier to spend more time with your family and friends.

Wouldn’t all of those make a difference to your life?  That is the goal of Excel Off The Grid, to create a resource which might actually make a difference to you.

Better use of Excel might not change the world, but it might change yours.



Want to Learn VBA & Macros?

If you want to automate Excel and save time, my recommended resouces for learning VBA Macros are:

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