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eBook: 30 Excel VBA Macros

This ebook is for all intermediate and advanced Excel users who want to learn how to read and write Excel Macros, save time, and stand out from their peers.  The book contains:

  • 30 example codes to practice reading and writing Macros that will embed the language into your thinking.
  • An introduction to Macros in Excel to ensure you can implement the VBA code in the book even if you have no prior knowledge.
  • Consistent code layout between examples to enable you to understand the structure and easily customize the code to meet your needs.
  • Downloadable workbook containing all the source code, so the examples can be added to your project to give you the benefit of VBA straight away.

If you could write VBA Macros, what would that mean for you?  Firstly, you could automate a lot of your regular tasks, save a lot of time.  But secondly (and more importantly) what could you do with that time? Achieve something new, get something that is currently out of control under control, or maybe just go home earlier to spend more time with your family and friends.

If that sounds good to you, then it’s time to get started!

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