The best Excel online courses

Best Excel Online Courses

We all know Excel skills are an essential part of many jobs these days.  When used well, Excel can automate repetitive tasks, transform raw data into insightful information, solve problems and predict future outcomes.  How can you learn these skills and secure these jobs?  Online courses are a great option.  They enable you to learn at your own pace, repeat difficult topics and can provide higher learning retention than traditional classroom-based learning.  Not to mention the total cost of an online course is often tiny compared to the cost of a classroom-based course.

With so many Excel courses available, where do you start looking and which courses will give you the best return on your investment?  It may be tempting to play the lowest price for a course, but the truth is that the investment is not necessarily the monetary value, but the benefit gained for the time invested.  Therefore, I believe it is worth paying more for quality courses which can accelerate your learning and accelerate your career at the same time.

On this page, I have created a list of some of the best courses available to master critical areas of Excel which employers are looking for.

Disclaimer – There are two things I want to make you aware of.  Firstly, I have not taken every one of the courses listed.  However, I have attended webinars, watched sample lessons, read blog posts and watched videos by all of these course creators/authors.  I have also had conversations with many of them and featured them on this site.  Secondly, some of the links are affiliate links, which mean I receive a small commission for referring you to their course.  Please only purchase the products if you believe they will add value for you, in your circumstances and after carrying out your own due diligence.  

General Excel Skills

Excel for Accountants

Being an accountant myself, I can appreciate the approach this course takes to teaching Excel.  Jeff Lenning, the course creator, is a CPA himself and has trained thousands of accountants how to use Excel better (and save time). For those who need it, these courses provide a certificate for CPE credits.

Click here to see the full range of courses to turn any accounting into an Excel expert.

Within the link there is also a free evaluation course, so you can decide if you like Jeff’s teaching style.

Xtreme Pivot Table Course

The Xtreme Pivot Table Course is by far the most comprehensive PivotTable course which I have seen.  With over 200 tutorials it is not just a course for beginners, but even experienced Pivot Table users will learn something new.  The course is taught by John Michaloudis from, who is the host of one of the most popular Excel Podcast on the planet.  Check out the course here.


If you want a taster of John’s teaching style then sign-up to the free Pivot Table webinar.

John provides personal support during the course, so only opens it a few times per year.  Which means you need to register while you can.

Excel Expert Course

The Excel Expert Course is taught by Excel MVP, Mynda Tracey.   No matter your existing Excel level, with over 14 hours of tutorials, this course will teach you to be an Excel expert.  It is possible to take this course from start to finish, but it is structured so that you can pick and choose individual modules to learn the skills you need as and when you need them.

Check out the course here.

Excel Expert Course

Excel Masterclass

Excel MasterClass Online CourseThe Excel Masterclass from Yoda Learning covers almost every aspect of Excel; advanced formulas, pivot tables, macros, dashboards and financial modelling.  Thousands of students have been through this course, which consistently receives positive reviews and high praise.

With over 400 lessons, there is a wealth of knowledge, which will take you a very long time to exhaust.  If you want to invest in your long-term learning, this would be a great option.

Check out the course here.

However, if you’re not quite ready for the full Excel Masterclass Experience, shorter and more focused courses also available:

Dashboards & Charts

The ability to turn significant amounts of data into meaningful visualizations is one of the best skills an Excel user can have.  Excel MVP, Mynda Tracey teaches two courses on the topic of dashboard creation, one using Excel and the other Power BI.

These courses are only opened a few times per year, which means you need to register while you can.

Excel Dashboard Course

Learn Excel Dashboard Course

Check out the full course here.  Or, if you want to investigate further, sign-up to the free Excel Dashboards webinar.

Power BI Course

Power BI Webinar

Check out the full course here.  Or, if you want to investigate further, sign-up for the free Power BI Webinar.

Data Analysis (including Get & Transform / Power Query)

The Ultimate Power Query and Data Cleansing Course

This course has been created by two Excel experts, John Michaloudis and Oz Du Soleil.

Oz is, without doubt, the king of cleaning dirty data, and since seeing the benefits of Power Query, he is now one of it’s most prominent advocates.  Oz is an Excel MVP and also the author of Guerrilla Data Analysis (2nd Edition).

John Michaloudis from is the host of one of the most popular Excel Podcast on the planet and is also the instructor of the top-rated Xtreme Pivot Table course.

With over 120 tutorials, this course does not just cover Power Query, but all the necessary functions and techniques to clean data.  Check out the course here.


If you want a taster of John and Oz’s teaching style then sign-up to the free webinar

Excel Power Query Course

If you’re looking for a straight Power Query course, then the course from My Online Training Hub is a great option.  With 5 hours of tutorials, it covers all the essential aspects you need to be up and running quickly.

Check out the course here.

VBA & Macros

VBA Jet Pack Course

With over 10 hours of video, this course takes you from the basics all the way to creating your own Add-ins.  The tutor Sumit Bansal, who has been an Excel MVP since 2014, runs the Trump Excel blog.

Check out the course here.

Excel VBA – The Complete Excel VBA Course for Beginners

Alan Murray has been training people to use Excel for over 15 years, both in person and online.  Thousands of users have been through Alan’s VBA course, which consistently receives excellent reviews.

Check out the course here.

VBA Pro Course

The tutor for the VBA Pro Course is Jon Acampora, the Excel MVP behind the Excel Campus blog. This course only opens a few times per year, so keep a watch on the site to get in when it’s available.

Check out the course here.

Your feedback

Have you taken an Excel course which you would recommend to others?  If so, let me know about it through the contact page.