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Push Add-in launched

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Push Add-in

Two years ago, I created my first Excel Add-in.  It had just one button, it copied the selected range of cells and pasted it as a picture into a PowerPoint slide.  The picture would be in exactly the right place and exactly right size.  There was no more copying, pasting, moving and resizing to do, it saved me hours of time.  I gave it to some work colleagues to try, it saved them hours of time too.  It went viral around the office (as much as it is possible for an Excel Add-in to go viral) and before long people who worked in other departments were contacting me to request a copy.  Guess what . . . it saved them hours of time too.

That Add-in has been developed and tweaked a number of times over the last two years, and I’m now ready to share it with you.


What does Push do?

Once Push is installed, all you have to do is select the cells, charts or object you wish to insert into PowerPoint, click the Push button.  BAM!  That’s it.  Done.

Push Automatic Resize

No copying, no pasting, no moving and no resizing, just select and click.  Now it is possible to turn Excel workbooks into entire PowerPoint presentations in seconds.

There are lots of powerful features included:

  • 7 different paste types (standard / picture / linked picture / embedded workbook / table / plain text / formatted text)
  • Instant replace to delete existing objects from a slide and insert new objects to fill the same position
  • Settings to enable the creation of new presentations fast!

I’ve called it the Push Add-in.  I’m certain that if you include Excel content in PowerPoint presentations, then the Push Add-in will save you hours of time too.


How to get the Push Add-in?

The Push Add-in is available to download now, so click ‘Buy Now’, or click here to find out more.

Buy Now $19

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