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Flip Add-in launched

Excel Flip Addin

Excel Flip Add-in

I’m so excited about this post. I really enjoy designing Add-ins, I love creating tools which can be used to save time over and over again. Today is the day I get to officially announce the release of my first Add-in.  Some of the subscribers have received early versions of it, but now it is available for the world!


Flip Add-in

I built Flip about 12 months ago purely for my own purposes. During my everyday work I was changing number formats over and over again. But number formats are not as easy as they first appear, especially when we want something which is not on the standard menu. But we can apply custom number formats, but this is a real pain. The set-up takes a little while, then to apply that custom number format takes several clicks.  Overall it wastes a lot of time.

In my opinion, one feature which is definitely missing from Excel is the ability to save number favorite formats so that they can be transported from workbook to workbook easily.  Unfortunately, if you start a new workbook, or receive a workbook from somebody else you have to set-up and apply the same custom formats all over again.

But with Flip solves this problem forever!!!!!!


How does Flip work?

With Flip you can create up to 8 different number formats, which can be accessed on any workbook at any time, with a single click. Flip creates additional buttons within the Home Ribbon.  These buttons will apply the number format to the cells selected with a single click.

Excel ribbon plus flip

To create your own formats, simply click on the Settings button. Flip Format Settings window will open.

Excel Add-in Flip Settings

This window lists all of the 8 possible formats, all you have to do is create a name, create the custom number format and decide which formats to display.  If you don’t know how to create custom number formats then you do not need to worry, as you can click the Excel Flip-Add-in import icon icon to import the format of the selected cell.

After creating the Add-in, I discovered that it is faster apply all number formats using Flip, even those which are included in Excel as standard.  Now I have all my favorite number formats saved in Flip.  Just one click and it is instantly applied to the selected cells.

I definitely save time every day with this little tool.  I work in Finance, but it could be used in science, engineering, education and almost any other industry you could imagine.


Get the Flip Add-in

To find out more then please visit the Flip Add-in page.

Excel Flip Addin

I believe that once you’ve used Flip for just a couple of days you will never want to go back. If you love saving time in Excel, now is your opportunity to obtain the Flip Add-in and start making those time savings today.

If you would like to get a copy of Flip Add-in right now.  Then click Buy Now and obtain your copy for just $14.

Buy Now – Only $14


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