Create top 10 using formulas Thumb

Creating a top 10 using formulas

Creating a Top 10 is quite common when reporting information, especially on dashboards.  It is easiest when working with sorted data, we just select the Top 10 items from the list.  It is also relatively easy when using Auto Filter, Tables and Pivot Tables, as it is a default filter setting within these Excel features. Read More

Advanced VLOOKUP Cheat Sheet Thumb

Advanced VLOOKUP Cheat Sheet

We have now reached the end of the Mastering VLOOKUP series.  Hopefully, you’ve picked up a few tips and tricks to take your VLOOKUP skills to the next level.  If you’ve been following along you will have learned more than just VLOOKUP: Faster calculation from an approximate match – this also applies to HLOOKUP and Read More

VLOOKUP Automatically Expend Data Range Thumb

Automatically expand the VLOOKUP data range

The 2nd argument in the VLOOKUP function is the table_array.  This is the range of cells which contains the data to be used within the VLOOKUP function.    For example, in the code below A1:C9 is the table_array. =VLOOKUP(“O Redding”,A1:C9,3,FALSE) When using the VLOOKUP function, we often know how many rows there are in the data, Read More