Reverse engineering a standard Excel Ribbon Thumb

Reverse engineering a standard Excel Ribbon

In July 2017, I released the Calc Buddy Add-in.  It’s a tool which monitors Excel’s calculation mode and shows a warning whenever it is different to the user’s preferred setting.  As I was getting the Add-in ready for release, I decided I wanted the button to be within the Calculation section of the Formula Ribbon.  Read More

Build your own Excel Add-in thumb

Build your own Add-in: Calculation Timer

In this post, I will show you, step-by-step, how to create an Add-in with its own custom Ribbon.  Rather than just creating an example Add-in which says, “Hello World!”, we will build something useful – a calculation timer.  The process of creating any Add-in will be similar, so you can apply these principles to your Read More

Fastest way to create Bullet Charts Thumb

The fastest way to create Bullet Charts

My first experience of Bullet Charts came from reading Information Dashboard Design by Stephen Few in 2007.  This was the year I started to get serious with dashboards. Initially, to create Bullet Charts I used the 3 stacked bar/column charts approach.  Later, I moved to using the two-axis stacked column where possible, but in general, Read More